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We’re looking for motivated, community-minded individuals to join our Board of Directors and Board of Advisors. If you’re interested in helping drive this vision, let’s talk.

Board of Directors

Emily Bujold


Co-founder /

Emily has worked in the design industry for over 15 years. As a landscape architect she worked with creative teams to implement complex projects. Using her collaborative approach and graphic design skills, she’s since started her own small businesses and community initiatives, including She’s driven by the idea that rural Minnesota should be a place where you can make a living doing what you love.


Co-founder /

Megan was a leader in the collaborative movement in 2007 when she started the first coworking spaces in Boulder. After its success she went on to open multiple coworking spaces and  has been recognized by the start-up community in Boulder County as an innovative leader in development for small business. Since her return to Grand Rapids, Megan has upstarted  The Lake + Co. Shop, Lake Time Magazine, Lake Bride Magazine, and more.  

Megan Kellin
Kelly Kabotoff


Co-founder /

Kelly is a visionary when it comes to all things business and looks forward to continuing to help entrepreneurs and managers to create a mindset of teamwork in their businesses and communities. Her core belief in “collaboration over competition” drives her every move as she continues to support her direct sales team while building and growing the Lake + Co. businesses as a co-founder, buyer, and manager.

Board of Advisors

Coming Soon.


The importance of a clubhouse

Alex Hillman
Founder of Indy Hall Coworking Space

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